I NEVER wear light coloured jeans! Got to say though –  I bloody love this pair.

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What do you’s think; how would you style light coloured jeans? Let me know in the comments! Would love some tips.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’s are all well! 🙂


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REALLY diggin’ this trend. I’ve been obsessing over these glasses forEVER.

I originally loved the clear ones, but I could never managed to justify spending £15 odd, on some fake specs. However, here I am purchasing yellow tinted ones for £13, I think – roughly? From Urban Outfitters. I mean, these do look edgier than the clear ones AND I was planning just to get off eBay… but you never really know if they will look the same as the pictures – am I right?

Also – I hope you guys don’t mind this styling of blogging. I’m kinda liking it. Having the writing quite simple and just letting the pictures do the talking.

I mean obviously I will be doing more with lots more description – for example, styling tips etc, etc. But, what do you’s think with it being like this? In this situation?

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All these photographs were shot in Edinburgh, Scotland and it was the most beautifuuUul night! I can’t even. Lol.

  • Jumper – New look
  • Jacket – Topshop
  • Glasses – Urban Outfitters
  • Shorts – Urban Outfitters
  • Boots – Topshop
  • Bag – Accessorize


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A Splash of Yellow ☀

Hi everyone! Just thought I’d share a stereotypical blog post – not much writing just some photographs I’ve selected to show a quick #OOTD!

I have so many inspirations and ideas to piece together an outfit, but arghh the £££ is too much. Hopefully will catch up with it soon.

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Shirt – Marks & Spencer’s

Neck Tie – Fancy dress shop

Jeans – Levi’s

Boots – Topshop

Jacket – Topshop




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GLA, SCOTLAND – where to eat? | PART2

Looking for a small bite to eat in Glasgow, and a lover for Italian food? But don’t fancy the long wait to eat? This place is perfect for you!

My first visit at Via Italia (and not my last) was not soon enough. My boyfriend and I had always visually been attracted to it, you really can’t miss it in Glasgow, especially if you are either coming down for the day or on a holiday.

The small building is placed on a corner near Central Station right in the centre of Glasgow City. The cafe offers italian ‘street food’ to the public for take-away OR sit in. 

As you can see in the photographs above it already makes your mouth drool and belly rumble!

❤ love robyn


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Recently gingham has become extremely popular! Why is this? And what is gingham?!

Gingham is usually always going to be found as a medium weight fabric that is plainly woven. The best way of explaining what it looks like is like checks, contrasting checks – for example, black and white, red and white, yellow and white. Anything that makes it pop, and stand out!

I particularly love how it just fits perfectly into spring – especially with those colours. Kind of reminds you of a picnic!

Every high-street store you can think of has this trend in various different styles and colours. To name a few – Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara… you get the idea.

Zara                       Urban Outfitters                Topshop

I mean you can easily style up a double gingham look, put possibly keep it to having the same colours – thats just what I’d suggest.

However! You definitely can style your gingham piece with relatively any colour! This must be why we all love it so much! For example you could put the black and white gingham trousers from Topshop with perhaps a bright red/yellow/green bralette & have a large over sized denim jacket, to either wear off the shoulders or just regularly. Then just add some fur gucci slippers (not like I can afford that lol) and some heavy bling and you’re ready to go. It can really just go from something so simple to make it look like so much effort and creativity went into it just by knowing what goes along with it.

Some images of myself putting a bright colour with B&W gingham –


❤ love robyn


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#GIRLBOSS – what do I think?

Sophia Amoruso – Labelled founder and I believe was the CEO of Nasty Gal. Sophia recently came out with her own book, can you guess the name? Yes, you guessed it. #GIRLBOSS.

If you happen to be looking for that Monday motivation, something that could kick some creativity in your system, this book will do wonders!

Amoruso worked her ass off for this company – not only did she start the company at 23 with none of your typical qualifications, she made it successful! This business started from finding a few vintage goodies and selling them on eBay while certainly making that bit of profit.

It seems that Amoruso has left Nasty Gal recently, or to my knowledge. As she now has a Netflix original series named… can you guess it? #GIRLBOSS. This series is based on exactly what the book was about. The lengths of each episode are just up to half an hour and each episode doesn’t disappoint!

So. Nasty Gal, Girlboss. You don’t know what either of them are? Do you love fashion, creativity, a #GIRLBOSS or want to be one? This book certainly does not let you down! And once you have read the book and see what the hype is about, create a Netflix account and watch the series. Which you will probably finish in a day – kind of sorry for that. Use that motivation to challenge your inner creativity and create something you may never thought you could have done!

Peace out #GIRLBOSS. ❤

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