Cafe? Coffee Shop? What’s the difference? | AMSTERDAM

In the UK you don’t really think before you say to your friend – want to go to a cafe? Want to go to a coffee shop? There really isn’t much difference here, just preference to what you’d rather say in the moment! That’s for me anyways.

However, I briefly got told to keep an eye out for the coffee shops in Amsterdam. Meaning these are the coffee shops that are strictly only for over 18’s – because they of course allow you to smoke weed!

I didn’t believe it at first, I mean c’mon are they really going to clearly state ‘coffee shop’ ‘cafe’ every time you fancy a coffee. But, yes! Yes they do! They clearly state ‘coffee shop’ and ‘cafe’ anytime you see somewhere you presume you can have a coffee. And, I mean – it is pretty damn obvious you can smoke weed in these coffee shops, minus the large writing.

On this trip I didn’t experience the coffee shops, apart from walking past them and smelling them from quite a distance away. On this trip I found a few cute cafes, that you might want to know about before going over!

One, I couldn’t rave about enough is simply the cutest one I might have came across yet.

(Writing that cringing at myself that I can compare ‘the cutest’ cafe I’ve came across yet… lol.)

We stayed at The Hampshire, Manor Hotel just 20 minutes from central station and the cafe we found was literally just across the road, we almost missed it!

It’s named ‘All the luck in the world’ which I mean, even the title? Cute as f*ck, I’m just saying.

You can see the street view of it in the first photo, and the next two photographs are the entrance.

This cafe is quite large tbh, it has a shop full of cute accessories, stationary and interior. Which is also to die for!

You can see a clip of the store in my vlog on Youtube, the link is just below!

This cafe might not be for everyone, they do offer vegan options as well such a banana bread – delicious! Other than that, there’s varieties of fruit, granola, yoghurt etc. for breakie. I did not get anything for my lunch however there are a few option of pies.

I just loved the whole idea of the place, in one word I could describe it as Pinterest. It’s just beautiful!

I wanted to share this so if anyone is off to Amsterdam soon, or planning somewhere to go, I couldn’t recommend Amsterdam enough. I’d say it is known for the night life experience in Amsterdam, however – you can certainly get the good out of the city on a family trip. It’s beautiful!

I hope you’s are all well, & thank you so much for reading!

Love, robyn ❤



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