OLD SCHOOL SHIRT ?¿??? | How to style

HELLo, everyone!

I’ve always had a few left over school shirts that I thought I might get the use of, you know so they just look like a normal white shit. Buuut whenever I tried them on, they ALWAYS looked like school shirts! I had no idea what to do with them, but couldn’t throw them out.

I’ve recently discovered a few insta bloggers that have caught my eye. One who has inspired me is, ‘fashioninflux’ Lydia Rose, you’s possibly know who she is? She has a great following of 157k and her style is to die for!

The style she puts across isn’t anything too outgoing or crazy. I would say it fits in the ‘trendy’ section. However, I can tell that she is still bringing something different. She brings to audiences clothing that nearly every girl wears, but just makes it that extra bit eye catching. It’s not too rebellious, although it still looks amazing which most people like to follow.

Below for example – she has taken a simple white shirt (school shirt) and styled it in two completely different ways. You wouldn’t even be able to tell they are the same shirt, right?¿ I LOVE this look!

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 17.14.13

She pulls it off so well, and looks so gorgeous while doing it! This is where I took my inspiration to do a similar look.


I thought that Lydia’s look, looked a lot more sleek. I personally love that, however I thought my look could bring more of a minimalistic style – something that was easy to afford, AKA an old school shirt! I love the way this turned out, especially with the touch of yellow (if you know me, this colour always makes an appearance, lol!)


  • Shirt – Hobbs (I chose a size 14 to have it oversized!)
  • Glasses – Urban Outfitters

lots of loveEEeee, robyn ❤ Xxxx



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REALLY diggin’ this trend. I’ve been obsessing over these glasses forEVER.

I originally loved the clear ones, but I could never managed to justify spending £15 odd, on some fake specs. However, here I am purchasing yellow tinted ones for £13, I think – roughly? From Urban Outfitters. I mean, these do look edgier than the clear ones AND I was planning just to get off eBay… but you never really know if they will look the same as the pictures – am I right?

Also – I hope you guys don’t mind this styling of blogging. I’m kinda liking it. Having the writing quite simple and just letting the pictures do the talking.

I mean obviously I will be doing more with lots more description – for example, styling tips etc, etc. But, what do you’s think with it being like this? In this situation?

Find where everything is from at the bottom of the page btw! ❤




All these photographs were shot in Edinburgh, Scotland and it was the most beautifuuUul night! I can’t even. Lol.

  • Jumper – New look
  • Jacket – Topshop
  • Glasses – Urban Outfitters
  • Shorts – Urban Outfitters
  • Boots – Topshop
  • Bag – Accessorize


luvvvv robyn ❤ Xxxx



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A Splash of Yellow ☀

Hi everyone! Just thought I’d share a stereotypical blog post – not much writing just some photographs I’ve selected to show a quick #OOTD!

I have so many inspirations and ideas to piece together an outfit, but arghh the £££ is too much. Hopefully will catch up with it soon.

Find where I got everything at the bottom of the page! 🙂



Shirt – Marks & Spencer’s

Neck Tie – Fancy dress shop

Jeans – Levi’s

Boots – Topshop

Jacket – Topshop




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GLA, SCOTLAND – where to eat? | PART2

Looking for a small bite to eat in Glasgow, and a lover for Italian food? But don’t fancy the long wait to eat? This place is perfect for you!

My first visit at Via Italia (and not my last) was not soon enough. My boyfriend and I had always visually been attracted to it, you really can’t miss it in Glasgow, especially if you are either coming down for the day or on a holiday.

The small building is placed on a corner near Central Station right in the centre of Glasgow City. The cafe offers italian ‘street food’ to the public for take-away OR sit in. 

As you can see in the photographs above it already makes your mouth drool and belly rumble!

❤ love robyn


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Recently gingham has become extremely popular! Why is this? And what is gingham?!

Gingham is usually always going to be found as a medium weight fabric that is plainly woven. The best way of explaining what it looks like is like checks, contrasting checks – for example, black and white, red and white, yellow and white. Anything that makes it pop, and stand out!

I particularly love how it just fits perfectly into spring – especially with those colours. Kind of reminds you of a picnic!

Every high-street store you can think of has this trend in various different styles and colours. To name a few – Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara… you get the idea.

Zara                       Urban Outfitters                Topshop

I mean you can easily style up a double gingham look, put possibly keep it to having the same colours – thats just what I’d suggest.

However! You definitely can style your gingham piece with relatively any colour! This must be why we all love it so much! For example you could put the black and white gingham trousers from Topshop with perhaps a bright red/yellow/green bralette & have a large over sized denim jacket, to either wear off the shoulders or just regularly. Then just add some fur gucci slippers (not like I can afford that lol) and some heavy bling and you’re ready to go. It can really just go from something so simple to make it look like so much effort and creativity went into it just by knowing what goes along with it.

Some images of myself putting a bright colour with B&W gingham –


❤ love robyn


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HOW TO STYLE RED & YELLOW | say whaaaaat?

So the question is, did you really think red and yellow could really be styled together? The truth is a lot of people do hear that and go – no way! However, I take it you are curious to see what my opinion of the combination is – maybe thats what brought you here, or whatever the reason is, I hope I make it worth while your time!

I like to think that anything can be styled – you just need to conquer the balance of that statement piece with something that is also quite daring. For example below –

Ok, so – the yellow biker jacket definitely is what over takes the look! Think of it like a colour palette from the right image I have selected four colours.

colour pallete

This kind of just shows the proportions of the amount of colour I put into my outfit. I didn’t make this much effort before piecing the outfit together of course! I get it’s something that becomes natural to me. However, if this is something you struggle with – maybe not sure if the colours go together, you are starting to learn but still a bit unsure, or perhaps just want to go out your box a little bit!

I find that this would be a huge help to many people. You can see that all the colours do go nicely together, in my opinion anyways. It almost looks stereotypically, french in some ways!

Anyways, to conclude – yes! Yes, I do think yellow and red go together! In this form anyways. The red is just giving that little bit more of a rebellious side to the outfit but it is still appropriate to walk down the high street, any day of the week. I guess, it makes you look like you have made a lot more effort than you actually have!

I hope this way helpful for some of you’s. Be sure to keep an eye out for more of these posts, I have a few planned!


❤ love robyn


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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! So recently discovering Glasgow as the ‘new-bee’ I used to be, it’s was fun finding new places that aren’t so easily google’d or seen while touring the big city it’s self.   

However, as my admiration for photography and social media grows, along with my knowledge of this city – I thought what other option is a better way to share this information than blogging? Nothing of course. 


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 00.47.14

Looks delicious, right? To all the vegan lovers you will be glad to hear that this meal is entirely vegan!! (minus the mayo.) Personally I am not vegan but that has never prevented me from such a tasty meal. 

The chickpea and quinoa burger topped with lettece, tomato, avocado (extra topping) and the original sweet burger relish all freshy cooked and not to be doubted. Served with sweet potato fries, which again were delicious! 

Can we also just take a moment to admire how CUTeeEEE this decor is?

From the restaurant if you continue to the top of the stair case is where the bathrooms are found. However, on your way there is the left picture. Which the Handmade Burger Co offer meeting rooms which you see there stated as ‘M|2 & M|3’. BUT, you think it stops there? No! It has a cinema! 

YESSS, I said it. This restaurant literally has a cinema up the stairs to the right. What more can you want?

❤ love robyn 


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